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Josh Meier

Elder, Senior Pastor

About Me

Hi! I'm Josh Meier, the senior pastor of El Paso Bible Church. I hold the Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (2005) and have been involved in  pastoral ministry for 17 years in one form or another in one corner of Texas or another. I am a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.

My passion is to see those around me grow in the richness of God's grace through God's Word, what most people would simply call "making disciples." I am committed to the expository teaching of God's Word. I have had the privilege of two tenures as senior pastor of El Paso Bible Church, 2008-2013 and again beginning in 2015.

I jokingly admit to "never having met a hobby I didn't like" with the absolute exception of golf. Meaning that I have eclectic interests, despite my life commitment to the study of Scripture. When I am not studying and preparing to teach the Word, I can be found lately milking goats, making cheese, yogurt and soap, in a bee suit, building, fixing, grinding, welding or  barbecuing something, or when I get the chance, at the rifle range. I recently became a licensed amateur radio operator as well.  I am a charter member and current president of the  Paseo Del Norte Beekeepers Association. 

I am husband of 20 years to Priscilla. We have six children, Gideon and Micah, Simeon, Thaddeus, Grace and Isaac (Hank). Yes, that's five boys and one princess! Yes... five sons.

I hope that you have enjoyed our website, an update is coming shortly. Even more so, I hope that if you live in the El Paso area that you will join us for worship this Sunday!

If you have any questions about El Paso Bible Church or our ministries, please email me at or call the office at (915) 585-3360


Praise God from whom all blessings flow!